Saturday, February 28, 2009

slam poetry, and the shakespeare actor on the perpetual motion machine

some say shakespeare is slam poetry: to which: "i'll slam your shakespeare" ( and i'm still waiting for that invitiation!)

what is slam poetry?
its ordinary. its usual. its conversation that has been taken apart and put back together. it follows a general structure, rhyme pattern, similiar content: rise up from oppresion, uplift, common exerience; it's accesible without study of other poetic materials, tonical, event related. (source: physical therapist at evos & i engaged in "criticial community conversation" (C.C.C.) on the subject)

Such thing as a pertetual motion machine : wherein all things are changing.. or is this an illusion?
First of all, Bruce Andrew's concept of the P.M.M (perpetual motion machine) has to do with words. The P.M.M does not support an inherant crystaline purity of the word. There can be no inherant trust in the word to do its job of conveying, thus the perpetual motion machine creates movement and a new structure (of word to convey idea)
I'm not sure if any of that makes sense.. but i'll tell you.. that actor had an entirely different set of commentary -- which i do appreciate. something to the depth of "the perpetual motion machine itself is an illusion because..." and the idea that "material can neither be created nor destroyed -- it just changes form". he went on to say that a woman has all the eggs in her body and thus her daughter already lives inside of her. so my question for the actor is: does each character live inside you?

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