Friday, February 27, 2009

Gossip as an art form

Two days in a row this has been happening and i'm really going to have to get some sleep at some point. The revolution is exciting! and with new friends in town and spring bossums there is no chance in fleshin' out this snowball action. message: the bubble may not pop for a while. the mature discourse is interesting, it has a lot to do with talking about mature discourse and talking about gossip as an art form. gossiping about discourse and art forms. i'm really only advanced on the trampoline, but sometimes the tone carries the rhythm,

true -- i've got the rabbit with me and katya even liked it..she's eight. they like to hold it and its a teddy bunny or something -- atleast that's what i had in mind for her birthday. can't keep consciousness streaming any longer-- the nap in the park today was my highlight and sometimes i pretend that i know what i'm saying about gossip and community involvement -- though i do believe in its potential to unify

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