Sunday, March 1, 2009

so glad this isn't current gossip

i guess i always see that jail scene
where she's wearing the A on her chest
and then they hang her in the park or atleast
throw stones at her worn out tattered clothing it
doesn't even hold a body anymore it
only shreads of doing the right thing and
then being chased
so glad this isn't current gossip
woo hoo exclamations and ectasy
every happy facet in life and pitter patter
rabbit feet on a trail to some desolation peak
where your heart drops like eyes to the ground, cartoon
eyes infatuated with your heart or persona -- aren't they
the same? i never know what to think when i don't get
nervous anymore -- i like that but i want something to
quake under pressure and demand explosion or atleast
tempt fate because he said it is all predetermined and i
haven't even established political prosady yet i
so much is about the packaging
i want you to know that i want
you to believe in yourself to not
need me or anyone else and to
not feel alone or like anyone's gunna
leave you or not have breakfast = let's face it
there's always gunnabe breakfast even it it's just the sun
and a broken egg yolk in a pan with some t.v.

i want to know about your dehydrated fountain bed that you stood
locked above in your prison
i saw your self frozen in time and lost
a tree that never blooms that part of your face
passion aint unknown to the free air and cherish is a lithia water facet

vaulted ceilings invite every experience and none at all
take chances to stab at a universal entrance
everything else takes far too long ( and DNA never changes)--
only you missed one part, the one that never discloses friendship

Saturday, February 28, 2009

slam poetry, and the shakespeare actor on the perpetual motion machine

some say shakespeare is slam poetry: to which: "i'll slam your shakespeare" ( and i'm still waiting for that invitiation!)

what is slam poetry?
its ordinary. its usual. its conversation that has been taken apart and put back together. it follows a general structure, rhyme pattern, similiar content: rise up from oppresion, uplift, common exerience; it's accesible without study of other poetic materials, tonical, event related. (source: physical therapist at evos & i engaged in "criticial community conversation" (C.C.C.) on the subject)

Such thing as a pertetual motion machine : wherein all things are changing.. or is this an illusion?
First of all, Bruce Andrew's concept of the P.M.M (perpetual motion machine) has to do with words. The P.M.M does not support an inherant crystaline purity of the word. There can be no inherant trust in the word to do its job of conveying, thus the perpetual motion machine creates movement and a new structure (of word to convey idea)
I'm not sure if any of that makes sense.. but i'll tell you.. that actor had an entirely different set of commentary -- which i do appreciate. something to the depth of "the perpetual motion machine itself is an illusion because..." and the idea that "material can neither be created nor destroyed -- it just changes form". he went on to say that a woman has all the eggs in her body and thus her daughter already lives inside of her. so my question for the actor is: does each character live inside you?

community involvement

Given proper introduction, survey= ease of transfer. something like (all this floaty space and irie vibes and they already love the paper they're about to get) first day: all students and librarians then couple friends and poets - second day: town and there were older reader types, retired park ranger and dancer... some dreams weavers and cosmic believers. seek 'em out ya know, take up what they have brewing inside their trunks and its a lot like branches, branches and water.

Dropping into that poetic space or inbetween breaths like a saturday morning with music in the coffee shop or fresh european brew. in and entry = people engage. some want beyond transformative and seem to know god, while others experience others as ordinary and structured. once, there are bars between me and a survey i hop up a distinguished water bed with a rabbit. that's the best, cause its towards the actor and as an afterthought, i liked the bars

bars == does structure lead to openess? In my survey yes, structure to climb and papers passing through black space between bars, once, twice and a third with a rabbit. Given structure language poets respond with dramatic openess: RAdical Praxis within structure: as in words floating through space and syntax, a perpetual motion machine.

most people said yes structure leads to dramatic openness, but No, when my life is ordered and structured it is NOT more free. two diff. answers to essentially the same question. what's the diff?

thanks, thats all for today -- i'll have to organize somemore

Friday, February 27, 2009

Gossip as an art form

Two days in a row this has been happening and i'm really going to have to get some sleep at some point. The revolution is exciting! and with new friends in town and spring bossums there is no chance in fleshin' out this snowball action. message: the bubble may not pop for a while. the mature discourse is interesting, it has a lot to do with talking about mature discourse and talking about gossip as an art form. gossiping about discourse and art forms. i'm really only advanced on the trampoline, but sometimes the tone carries the rhythm,

true -- i've got the rabbit with me and katya even liked it..she's eight. they like to hold it and its a teddy bunny or something -- atleast that's what i had in mind for her birthday. can't keep consciousness streaming any longer-- the nap in the park today was my highlight and sometimes i pretend that i know what i'm saying about gossip and community involvement -- though i do believe in its potential to unify

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My poetic movement

the international cafe and it would have to do with gossip and coconut mattes. community foundation and accomodation, inclusivity and shared meals. i even found a sheet of paper in a black leather bound book .. someone quoted me on "what is poetry" and said i was a co-founder of the movement

"sometimes words themselves don't have any meaning & what we really want is a show on the page"