Sunday, March 1, 2009

so much is about the packaging
i want you to know that i want
you to believe in yourself to not
need me or anyone else and to
not feel alone or like anyone's gunna
leave you or not have breakfast = let's face it
there's always gunnabe breakfast even it it's just the sun
and a broken egg yolk in a pan with some t.v.

i want to know about your dehydrated fountain bed that you stood
locked above in your prison
i saw your self frozen in time and lost
a tree that never blooms that part of your face
passion aint unknown to the free air and cherish is a lithia water facet

vaulted ceilings invite every experience and none at all
take chances to stab at a universal entrance
everything else takes far too long ( and DNA never changes)--
only you missed one part, the one that never discloses friendship

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