Saturday, February 28, 2009

community involvement

Given proper introduction, survey= ease of transfer. something like (all this floaty space and irie vibes and they already love the paper they're about to get) first day: all students and librarians then couple friends and poets - second day: town and there were older reader types, retired park ranger and dancer... some dreams weavers and cosmic believers. seek 'em out ya know, take up what they have brewing inside their trunks and its a lot like branches, branches and water.

Dropping into that poetic space or inbetween breaths like a saturday morning with music in the coffee shop or fresh european brew. in and entry = people engage. some want beyond transformative and seem to know god, while others experience others as ordinary and structured. once, there are bars between me and a survey i hop up a distinguished water bed with a rabbit. that's the best, cause its towards the actor and as an afterthought, i liked the bars

bars == does structure lead to openess? In my survey yes, structure to climb and papers passing through black space between bars, once, twice and a third with a rabbit. Given structure language poets respond with dramatic openess: RAdical Praxis within structure: as in words floating through space and syntax, a perpetual motion machine.

most people said yes structure leads to dramatic openness, but No, when my life is ordered and structured it is NOT more free. two diff. answers to essentially the same question. what's the diff?

thanks, thats all for today -- i'll have to organize somemore

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