Thursday, January 29, 2009

biological radio

there is nothing inherent in being disincarnate
that in and of itself implies the presence of any
greater intelligence!

Monday, January 26, 2009

"Give it up! I was a track star for Mineola Prep."

"Give it up! I was a track star for Mineola Prep."

So what if a poem can't "be got at with one reading.." --surely something is gonna get on with the the earnesty to "take your chances and avoid being logical" --

Personism implies the function of aries -- like happens through [in-ur-shuh] in a velociraptor vacuum -- implies a.) the property of matter by which poet retains set state of velocity so long as un acted upon by set external force be it sunshine docks bay god bagel-- there is no forethought and no regret -- instinctual action warrants instant rewards unlike formulas persistant in the pace of the fittest winged renegade of freedom -- for regret is not in the flow and you shouldn't be either way
Last night someone told me that nature is perfect a dot or something, maybe tetrahedral blot marks -- i still can't remember why she said room last time
they said
i actually really like Frank O'Hara, i talk to him while i ride my bike and i quote personism to my imaginary wind friends

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ripple back robotics and warfare

war porn
utube footage live from iraq
more disconnect
and nintendo
robotics like ground
robotics children
trained up by video
games drone pilot
spectacular from video
games ripple back
robotics and warfare

Mimeograph & the primal revolution

i didn't know anything about this whole movement until now -- the "Quick way to get new work out" and what a revolution at this point in time -- so far removed we can be from the workings of just a few decades ago -- now i can blog moments before class and it may even be received -- before, during mimeograph, a few weeks and hearing from a writer in France -- absolutely groundbreaking for those times - the ability to respond to last weeks happenings and move forward -- "more important than the quality of their contents was the fact of these magazines' abundance and speed"... appearing "imbued with a vivid purity of intention which it is nearly impossible to conceive of creating in today's publications" perhaps because of two reasons-- the mimeograph revolution (such excitment and impetus to print!) as well as the sense of community and the primal revolution so to speak -- all these great minds and voices doing something with it all -- pre total t.v., mp3 cell phone blackberry and the mind numbing mind screwing doctrines of present day technological let-someone-else-take-care-of-the-laundary-- have minds turned to pale channel clickers? do less people read? do less people care? or... is it just the reverse -- now with blogs the few people that do care are launching again the same vision initially launched with mimeograph way back when... onward with the primal revolution please

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Put your faith in DADA

I sure would -- especially in a WWI era with bombs flying all around -- what else could there possibly be to believe in besides the anti-authoritarian/anti-hierarchial impetus of this movement? Not only a literary/artistic movement, but also spanning the entirity of the culture -- demanding that art is all around us -- the sacred and the profane. Is it true.. can anybody be an artist? Is everything really art?

DADA supports the artist as genius -- reminds me of the "poet as God" phenomenon and the greek idea of poetic madness -- the place from where creation comes... DADA gives flavor where before the rice was bland.. DADA spices up everything, even the petty old ladies with their muesuems and tea.. just imagine:

"A manicure salon of fine arts characterized by tea drinking old ladies trying to revive thier vanishing sexual powers with the help of something mad" -- that something mad is DADA -- live and in charge as a urinal on the wall ... (DADA by Rudolf Kuenzli)

Why do we put our faith in DADA.. is it the "primeval strata untouched and not reached by logic" as the utterance of 'dada' from the baby's lips... or is DADA a name "which does not mean anything" hoping rather to "invalidate all meaning?" (17). The term having been sanctioned in 1916.. Ball empresses upon us that indeed DADA does mean something, internationally infact, it is 'hobbyhorse' in French and 'yes, yes' in Romanian! In his DADA manifesto of July 14th 1916 Ball tells us that DADA is indeed "the heart of words" (19).

So what can this "i-don't-give-a-damn" attitude do for you? I'll tell you in the words of "Invest in DADA" from an Anonymous Being in 1919 --

DADA... is the comfort in dying

"When you are dead, dada will be your only nourishment, even the ancient Egyptions fed their dead dada..."

"Dada is fertile and multiples. Only dada is the savior from misery and sorrow, Invest your money in dada"!

so take all those force fed religious convictions and simply replace the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.. with DADA!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


frozen frozen krinklers -- hard square parts
december wash wash basin
bare nothing lavender launder
scrub scrub cotton nothing
dry hard bendy part of leg
stuck on square hard parts
small view seer open exit wet
scrub scrub mold moist moist moist
mold hard parts bendy leg parts

Monday, January 12, 2009

"One does not use nouns" says Stein

When creating the image, through panopoeia, melopoeia and logopoeia, there is no point in using any word that fails to absolutely solidify the image; as Pound says, "incompetence will show in the use of too many words" (ABCs of Reading). An imagiste cares to present yet one image in a lifetime, if successfully embodied through verse, to the exclusion of voluminous disembodied works (A Few Don'ts By as Imagiste).
The creation of one image involves objectivity, that is , the true portrayal of set "thing" as if examined as a molecule itself. Pound speaks of Optics, "the lens that brings the rays from an object to a focus," as a sort of formula to begin with in modern poetry ("An Objective" from Prepositions). It is clear that the imagiste must logically, melodically and visually recreate and make re-complete the image before an audience -- then we receive set image. This endeavor is better than t.v., yet similar in function.
The economy of words speaks to the fact that through choice words we transmit an image. Pound reminds us that as poets there is a " that the combined letters are absolute symbols for objects, states, acts, and interrelations...". However, Stein's "Poetry and Grammar" from Lectures in America confronts this faith based approach and questions the validity of some of these combined letters, namely nouns. Stein discourages the use of nouns, as well as their counterparts, the adjectives.
Instead of nouns, it is good to use feelings. "How are you feelings inside of you?" and "Do you always have the same kind of feelings in relation to the sounds and words that come out?" -- i.e. poetry. This kind of attention to the three forms phanopoeia, melopoeia and logopoeia is exactly what is asked of from the imagistes -- A poet should know what is inside a thing and write about that instead of using a name. Stein says that as humans we know this intensity of understanding and explanation from when we are in love. In her words, "a writer should always have that intensity of emotion about whatever is the object about which he writes,"she concludes "one does not use nouns".

a few thoughts on "tender buttons" -- images and things are tactile, we can "handle" them -- they can carry our feelings

Friday, January 9, 2009


opens, lights and
talks buzzing
wires everywhere
birds nest USA

3's pie

8 apples peeled &
sliced. Maternal
crusts stretch
warm and cinnamin

Might be Imagist-ish, Poem

1964 Beginnings
institute protection
roadless areas
ordained safe
12th of Jan. 2000:
fifty eight 1/2
million acres
survive another
day become
greater than
next logging
8 years pass
and like the
shaky legs of
the newborn
calf, the lands
remain, the
resi-dew of
tower, twin
towers, on
every tree
travel through
the atmosphere
ultimate security
the wilderness
act had 1964
solidified at
millenium --